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  • Boiler Servicing

    Boiler Servicing

    100% Gas carries out a full and thorough Service on all Gas Appliances.

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What is included in your boiler services:
  • Flue Gases analysed. The gas inlet and Burner pressure checks.
  • All Pipe work inspected, ventilation and clearance checks
  • Testing of boiler components and functionality
  • Disassemble and cleaning of key components
  • Full printout and analysed diagnostic report, including a copy for your records
  • Boiler manufacturers require an analyst report for the servicing on all new condensing boilers. Without this, the appliance can not be correctly maintained and the manufactures warranty is void!

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Why is an annual boiler service important?

Many of us might see an annual gas boiler service as an unnecessary expense. Your Gas Boiler and Central Heating System, just like your car, need a little TLC from time to time to ensure they are running as they should be, efficiently and safely.

Regular servicing greatly reduces the risk of a breakdown and prolongs the life of the boiler preventing the dangers of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

  • Excellent customer service, efficient and reliable. Completed 1st fix gas/plumbing on my new build property and installed full central heating system.

    Lynda Bolton, Warrington , Cheshire.
  • Our old boiler has been replaced with a much smaller and far more efficient boiler superbly fitted by 100% Gas. They are an extremely efficient, well organised and extremely professional company. Delivery of the new boiler was timed to coincide with Paul's arrival and the old boiler was taken away straight after job was completed.

    Ron, Warrington , Cheshire.
  • Our heating system used to be noisy, temperamental and would require frequent bleeding of radiator valves. It was either too hot or too cold. Now, thanks to Paul, it is now working as intended. It provides us with a warm, comfortable and quiet environment to live in. It also gives me peace of mind knowing that when it goes off, it will restart and tick over as smoothly as a Swiss watch.

    Mark Goucher, Warrington , Cheshire.
  • Paul has recently changed my radiators and I cannot thank him enough. He worked hard , made little mess and tidied up as well as arranging for the old radiators to be taken away. I felt completely at ease with him in the house and Smudge liked him too.

    Yvonne, Warrington , Cheshire.
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