Boiler Servicing Warrington

Ensure that your boiler is serviced every year to protect your boiler guarantee or warranty

The importance of your annual boiler service

Getting your boiler serviced at home is one of those household tasks that many people overlook and put off, especially if your boiler seems to be working fine.


However, it’s essential to service your boiler each year to ensure that it continues to operate efficiently. Additionally, having an annual boiler service can ensure that any minor issues are picked up before they become more significant. Finally, it will help keep everyone safe, giving you peace of mind.

Your local boiler breakdown specialists

Boiler breakdowns, in a lot of cases, come without warning. When your boiler is running correctly, and all is good in the world, it is easy to take it for granted. You expect that, without fail, it will always provide you with hot water and heating when you need it and probably never think about it too much from one day to the next.


That is, until something goes wrong and you experience a boiler breakdown first-hand. Then, everything in your house is chaotic, and you start to panic about how you will manage without a boiler, especially when you have a family who needs heating and hot water regularly. At 100% Gas, we prioritise all boiler emergencies and aim to be with you as quickly as possible to help investigate your problem further.


Finance options

We offer a range of finance options to help cover the cost of your new energy efficient boiler and installation.

Accredited installer

We are proud to be your local Worcester Bosch accredited installer that can offer you a range of exclusive benefits.

Gas safe registered

You should never cut corners with gas appliance at home and always ensure that your engineers are Gas Safe registered.


Flue Gases

Flue Gases analysed. The gas inlet and Burner pressure checks.


02 Pipework

All Pipe work inspected, ventilation and clearance checks.


Boiler Components

Testing of boiler components and functionality



Disassemble and cleaning of key components



Full printout and analysed diagnostic report, including a copy for your records



Boiler manufacturers require an analyst report for the servicing on all new condensing boilers. Without this, the appliance can not be correctly maintained and the manufactures guarantee is void!

Why people believe in our team at 100% Gas

" Service excellent, friendly and helpful staff, would highly recommend"

David Downs

"Just had complete new system installed. Paul and Luke are very knowledgeable and professional in what they do."

Lyn O'Donoghue

"Very professional and excellent service"

Norman May

"Always professional, polite and punctual, Paul gets on with the job with no fuss"

Paul Egerton